2024 Happy Huaihai Carnival Lands on Huaihai Road, Nearly 100 Brands Participate with Endless Discounts



On the morning of May 28th, “2024 Joyful Huaihai Carnival” activity of May 5 Shopping Festival was officially unveiled on Huaihai Road, which was organized by Huaihai Road Economic Development Promotion Association of Shanghai Huangpu District, Shanghai Huaihai Commercial (Group) Company Limited, and ELLE China. On that day, representatives of business district enterprises, special guests and consumers gathered at K11 on Huaihai Road to participate in the opening ceremony of the event and witness the opening of “2024 Happy Huaihai Carnival” together.




During the period of May 18th to June 10th, 2024 Happy Huaihai Carnival brought new ways for consumers to play with unique and creative experiences. 2024 Happy Huaihai Carnival specially customized and created a giant egg-twister to be placed at the entrance of the plaza on the 1st floor of the K11 Shopping and Art Center. During the event, more than 10,000 coupons covering brands, stores, food, drink and entertainment programs in the shopping district were continuously put into it, and visitors could get coupons to randomly start a novel experience by just “twisting”.





Participants were enthusiastic and lined up to experience the Twister machine.



In addition to the Giant Twister, another highlight of the event was the “Road to Flourish” check-in point at Paris Spring Plaza on Huaihai Road. Using the ELLE fashion cover images taken by some of the main stars of “Blossoms Shanghai” as the background, the spot created an exquisite and fashionable “Road to Flourish” art installation on Huaihai Road for tourists to come and check in and interact.